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Summer of Circus Festival

Audience Segmentation, Diversiftication and Development, Devised and Launched Brand Identity, Communications and PR planning, Campaign Planning, Sales and Audience growth, Outdoor footfall growth, Data Analysis, Project Evaluation, Short Film Production, Scripting, Interviews.


The aim of Summer of Circus was to facilitate the development of world class circus on the South Coast; to create an industry acclaimed annual celebration of circus for residents and visitors alike that would form part of a wider plan to see the Pavilion Theatre Worthing transformed into a circus focused venue with the ability to host the best national and international circus companies. Working as a partner in the Coasters network to support touring, with the ultimate aim to become the largest circus festival in the South.

What I Did

By developing a comprehensive understanding of the segmentation profiles and mapping tools in Audience Finder we believed we could develop a strong audience from the following: Commuterland Culturebuffs (12% of local population) keen to engage with less widely attended genres and known to practice circus. Trips and Treats (20%) prioritising their children’s interests and social aspects of culture, to attend family performances and workshops. Dormitory Dependables (18%) their love of the outdoors made them ideal to attend free outdoor performances.Home and Heritage (18%) would mostly combine attendance with socialising so communicating the accessible nature of the programme would be key. We also wanted to increase attendance from Experience Seekers and Facebook Families and felt the free events would be key to capturing their interest and removing financial barriers. By aligning the core characteristics to potential programme choices, we adapted the tone of our communications to suit segments and directed this through the outlined marketing channels we would see the greatest impact from.


Over 3500 tickets sold, £36.5k generated in first year 2016.33% of customers first time bookers in first year 2016.Press coverage from Guardian and AI (Arts Industry) covering Summer of Circus 2017World premiered Mimbre Exploded Circus to 950 attendeesFestival YOY attendance increased by 30% in 2017.Short Film Production and Premiered 20192016-2019 with 63 performances, 67 workshops we welcomed 17588 audience members and 1168 workshop attendees.

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