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The Audience Agency

Product Development, Copywriting, User Consultation, Interviewing, Qualitative Data Analysis, Reporting and Presentation


PKC was comissioned to carry out an independant user consultation by The Audience Agency, a mission-led charity with the purpose of enabling organisations to increase their reach, relevance and resilience through audience data and development. The aim of this research was to form a greater understanding of how TAA users utilise the current Audience Finder platform, the modules within the toolkit which provide the greatest support and the key information and functionality needed by organisations to further their strategic objectives.

What I Did

PKC recruited 22 users to participate in an online interview lasting approximately 45 minutes to an hour for each, creating information sheets and consent forms, working closely with members of the TAA team to devise a topic guide and collate all interview notes. On completing all interviews this information was then reviewed and constructed into a detailed qualatative analysis report, summarising key findings and potential opportuniites. The report was then constructed into a presnetation which PKC then delivered as a full presentation to The Audience Agency team, offering result insights and opportunites for futehr questions. Addtionally participating in product development overviews, reviewing contewnt and functionality and producing a case study for the TAA website case in point section. 


The results from the research will support and inform and a new and improved platform currently in development with TAA, it formed a report and presention of the findings and will feed into future planning. The research report and presnetation were delivered to the development and leadership teams of the Audience Agency.

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