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Brighton Student Lock In

Audience Development, Communications and PR planning, Campaign Planning, Sales and Audience growth, Footfall growth, Data Analysis, Project Evaluation, Event Management, Creative Development, Contracting.


Churchill Square is the principal shopping centre in the centre of Brighton. Churchill Square has up to 85 shops (when all are let), the functions of marketing and event management are contracted to Jone Lang LaSalle who I worked for in order to drive footfall and income generation for the stores within and develop CSQ as a destination for tourists and local residents. 

What I Did

The CSQ team wanted to ensure the large student population living and studying in Brighton were engaging with the centre and had an awareness of the brands available within the mall. Many stores were also supportive to drive further footfall from this demographic especially at the point of which the new students were arriving for freshers Sept / Oct time. We wanted to create a student night out but extend this to have exclusive student discounts across all the stores for one night only. We partnered with Concorde 2 securing DJ's to perform on the night, worked with local cocktail suppliers Mixology to provide free drinks on arrival, contracted breakdancing groups to perform in the main concourse and then secured exclusive offers and giveaways from each of the participating stores. 


25% increase in footfall for av. Weds with footfall of 10,118, 74 stores participated, generating £186,000 in one night. Facebook followers grew by 36% on the previous month.Facebook followers grew 527% from September last year. Press: circulation, AVE and PRV increased YOY by 926%

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